Yoga Pant Farts and Seduction


Description:, I love the cabbage, I mean I get awesome loads when I eat it, and I also get awesome farts.So I’m siren you love it too!!This clip, done the same day as upload, is sexy. I arrived home from My yoga and coffee on the beach with friends – and I need to go.I have stomach cramps, you know when the poo is waiting to come out and your insides are backing up a second log? Or some farts… well that must have been both.I seduce you, hovering over the camera with my leggings on and and tell you about My morning. Farting and really banking up My poop which is getting closer and closer to releasing.I slowly strip off my layers for you, and get down into doggy position so you can have the besttttt view.Seeing My hole so close and holding it in as long as I can until it’s all too much and it slides out of my ass.

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