Toilet Slavery


Description: Hello. Its first day of your new life. First day as a human toilet. Welcome. I am Miss Sarah. Your owner. Your everything. From now you will be my furniture. And I wanna use you… Every single day. I wanna make you dirty. Nasty. Stinky. But first – I wanna make pee on you. A lot of pee… Maybe next time I make s… But not now. You’re not ready. Loot at my swollen anus. Huge hemorrhoids. Sweet pink pussy… Do you know what flows from inside? Cum. But not yours. Cum and mucus from pussy. Now you’re just furniture. Dirty toilet for your Goodness. After all I spit on you. On your… face? Huh. I don’t know did you have face. You’re just toilet. So I spit… Many times. Again and again.

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