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It is hard to believe that Nicole is only 18 – you'd expect a huge bucket like that to be on an older woman (and by "bucket" I mean gorgeous wet open cunt . But young she is, and bucket she has, and she likes stretching it wide and filling it with fist for us.And those lips! Long and luxurious, meaty and dangly... and she is quite happy to stretch those wide for us, too! Most girls (heck, most women twice her age!) need some time to stretch and prep, but Lovely Nicole just applies lube to her pussy and her hand, and then... zip! In it goes, up to the wrist! When she fucks herself, you get to watch her grippy lippies pulling outwards, and when she gives us lovely four finger stretches, we can see all the lovely ripples in her bright pink vagina.The stretches from behind are especially nice, and her long labia and prominent but subtle peehole show us a perfect pink butterfly twat. And of course, she pushes outwards and sucks her cunt inwards, so you can see bulging pudenda and a pink cave with a shiny cervix at the bottom. I love Nicole Love!

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Nicole Love - Selfmade, ( )