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Party Toilet Fantasy


Today I have invited my naughtiest friends and we will celebrate an orgy in my apartment. You will not participate, but lie on the floor and wait with wide spread lips until one of my guests wants to relieve him or herself into you. Whether man or woman, every guest may piss and shit into your mouth. We will also pour other liquids of our fuck party into our heavy duty toilet. You will no longer be human – only a piss and shit hole!In this video you’ll learn what to expect as my sex party toilet. I tease you and you will habe to prove yourself suitable as my taboo-free omnivore toilet by consuming my GS and scat first. For the purpose of testing you, I push out the biggest turd, which was ever recorded by me on video. And that’s just the beginning…

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MissMortelle - Party Toilet Fantasy, ( )