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You lucky, Latrine, Eat Diarrhea And Shit

Sold By: : Natalia Kapretti
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You’re lucky, my new Latrine. Only a day has passed since you came to me, and you have a large meal. My slave girl came to visit me and I think she has diarrhea. Open your mouth soon, now you will have to swallow a lot of shit faster and faster. The truth is delicious shit from my slave girl. Enjoy it, very soon I will visit you and take a shit in your filthy toilet mouth.Here I am, quickly open your mouth and swallow. Oh, Yes, what a relief. I see you’re fast getting used to eating shit. This is very commendable, you will make a good toilet bowl. I told you were lucky. I want to shit again, for the second time in a day, and I’m getting my period, so you’ll have to start getting used to the new taste, too. Well done, you did a good job, I feed you big shit today. Now I will let you suck my tampon, your first duty is to swallows all my secretions. So suck it good.

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Natalia Kapretti - You lucky, Latrine, Eat Diarrhea And Shit, ( )