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White Pants Shitting and Sensual Shit Smearing


Sold By: : MissAnja
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I love wearing panties, doesn’t matter the material or shape because most of them fitting on my shape. I love white panties they’re looks innocent and clean. I love pooping. And if I can do these two action at the same time this I call perfect moments. So I knew it from before, you’re weakness also the white undewears especially the adorable white panties, am I right? Great. I feel myself so sexy in my panty, Teasing you and please myself by touching ass, pussy through on material. I’m in naughty mood right now. Would you like to come and touch my ass, or grab it and playing with? Come closer to me. Front of my panty is cotton backside is lace see through. You can’t wait until I fill with warm and stinky poo. Let’s do it, I just start to soak it in my pee, front and back view you get, then standing close to camera with a really perfect view I start to release poo and fill it so quick. This time a bit soft and spreadable poo, I would say so perfect for a great smearing. ? This is the way what we like. Touching and squeezing poo by hand and smearing on lace side first. Oh wow, look at that, it was a cute white pants before but never will be the same for sure. It’s brown right now. Squeezing more shit and also dripping down on the side of my leg. Love it. Stinky, sticky and hot shit. I smear it slowly and sensually, you have time to enjoy every single minute of. Show up close too. Nasty shitty white panty ? Smearing on front of the panty and you could see how dirty my pussy too. Smearing with slow motions, front and back and this is what you’ll keep it in your mind forever, because you cannot get enough of my dirty pants ? In this video you can see panty fetish, big pooping, nasty and dirty shit smearing. Enjoy it

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MissAnja - White Pants Shitting and Sensual Shit Smearing, ( )

MissAnja - White Pants Shitting and Sensual Shit Smearing, ( )