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Bad Influence

Sold By: : Antonia Sainz, Little Elis
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Little Elis and Antonia are our, pornstars in our latest VIPissy scene! Elis is kneeling on a footstool while Antonia walks into the room and starts seductively dancing for her. She walks towards Elis and while holding a clear high heel beneath Antonias pussy, she holds apart her pussy lips and starts pussy, right into it! Antonia pours her juices over Elis tongue and lets her enjoy a taste of piss drinking. These hotties kiss and Elis kneels up to take her turn peeing in the high heel! She fills it up so much that it flows over the edges and Antonia squats with her mouth open to take Elis piss in mouth too! These, lesbians continue to explore each other and Antonia pees through a glass tube, all over Elis face! Elis gets her pussy fingered before taking her turn with the glass tube and these babes take turns to lick pussy and take more golden juices! They break out a dildo and share it to get off while masturbating.

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Antonia Sainz, Little Elis - Bad Influence, (November 23, 2021 )